Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)
August 9, 2017

Edith Stein was born in Breslau, Germany (now Wrochaw, Poland) in 1891 of Jewish parents.  She studied philosophy under Husserl, the leading phenomenologist of his day.  After having been received into the Catholic Church in 1922, she taught in Speyer and Muenster (Germany),  In 1933, she entered the Carmelite Convent in Cologne where she received the name Teresa Benedicta of the Cross.  At the end of 1939, she moved to the convent at Echt, Holland, oon account of the Nazi persecution of Jews, but in 1942m during German occupation of Holland, she was arrested, transported to Poland and killed at the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz.

Along with Catherine of Siena, and Bridget of Sweden, she was declared co-patroness of Europe by Blessed Pope John Paul II.