IN CRUCE VICTORIA The Congregation of  Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross is a religious community of vowed men who share in the Mission of Jesus by serving the needs of people and the Church in the  tradition of St. Francis.


Brothers live very active lifestyles and participate in most of the same activities as every other person in a family. We share the daily responsibilities of shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry, and household maintenance. We also celebrate birthdays, holydays and holidays, read, study, attend Mass, and pray. We talk, laugh, console, disagree and joke with each other, always mindful to be sensitive to the feelings of each other.

We also devote time to develop our own individual interests, talents and hobbies, as well as socializing with family and friends. We enjoy outdoor activities such as traveling, sports, bicycling, camping or skiing. Others spend quiet time reading in our library, photography, or listening to music.

Whether as artists, musicians, storytellers, cooks, or comedians – each Brother contributes to our Franciscan Family. All of these activities are lived with a goal of making the Gospel come alive by helping others.

To live our spiritual life, we also need strength. Our strength comes from prayer. As we seek to share Jesus with others, it is essential that we spend time with God and discern God’s will. We set aside quality time for prayer, reading, and personal reflection. We each have our own personal prayer life, and we also spend time formally praying with our Brothers, at least twice a day.

The Eucharist
Each day, we renew our strength by celebrating the Eucharist, which is the source of mercy that never runs dry. In the Eucharist, we meet Jesus in Word and Sacrament. We are grateful that we can spiritually renew our lives in union with Jesus Christ and be in union with the Church and with our brothers and sisters who share in the sacrifice of Jesus throughout the world. Much like St. Francis, in his love and respect for the Cross and his love for the Church, we, too, find that our Charism reflects that of our founder, Brother James, and his example in imitation of our spiritual father, St. Francis of Assisi.

Our Service
Our Brothers serve the Church with their own special gifts and talents, skills and abilities. Some Brothers are secretaries, laborers, ministers of pastoral care, religious educators, social workers, carpenters, teachers, musicians and artists and more!

Through our daily activities, we seek to be examples of Christ's love. We devote ourselves to working with the poor, the suffering, the disabled, essentially anyone who has a special need. You’ll find us visiting the sick, consoling those who have lost a loved one, bringing Holy Communion to the sick and elderly, teaching English as a second language, and serving holiday meals to those less fortunate.

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Recent NEWS
Trust in God and God will provide for all our needs. -Brother James Wirth, Founder

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