IN CRUCE VICTORIA The Congregation of  Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross is a religious community of vowed men who share in the Mission of Jesus by serving the needs of people and the Church in the  tradition of St. Francis.


Period of Postulancy (Candidacy)
A man seeks admission to our formation program from the conviction that God is calling him to religious life. After completing his application requirements, he would be accepted into the pre-novitiate program by the Superior General. His status is "Postulant."

The Period of Postulancy consists of:

  • Entrance
  • Immersion/Community life/prayer
  • Formal study
  • Ministry experience
  • Continued discernment
  • Period of Formation

Novitiate Admittance
After the Period of Postulancy, a man who desires to continue his pursuit of religious life asks to be admitted to the Novitiate. This request must be a free choice and would be accepted by the Superior General.

As a sign of his reception into the Congregation as a Novice, he wears the habit of the Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross and uses the title of "Brother." The entire Novitiate experience allows the novice to affirm God’s call to live the life of the Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross with conviction and fidelity.

The Novitiate ordinarily includes the following:

  • First Year: Formation program of studies, including Prayer and Liturgy, Sacred Scripture, Franciscan Origins, and Foundation of Ministry with Ministry Experience.
  • Second Year: Continuation of formation core foundations, Study of the Constitutions, Vows, Theology and Scripture, and Ministry experience.

After careful deliberation by the individual and the community, the novice requests to be admitted to First Profession of Vows by the Superior General.

Period of Temporary Profession of Vows
The period of temporary profession of vows generally extends over a five year period. It includes:

  • Request/Acceptance for profession of vows of obedience, poverty and chastity for 2 years.
  • Ministry Assignment
  • Living the Franciscan apostolic common life.
  • Request/Acceptance to renew profession of vows for 3 years.
  • Continuing integration into the Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross community, mission and spirit.

The time of temporary vows serves as a confirmation, both on the part of the community and on the part of the individual, that a candidate is genuinely called to religious life in our congregation.

Perpetual Vows
At the completion of 5 years of temporary profession, a Brother requests to make a life commitment to the community and the Church through Perpetual Profession of Vows.

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For the glory of God, let us be eager to work for the good of our neighbor's well being. -Brother James Wirth, Founder

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